It’s Something Special Unique and Uplifting!

The Highveld Heritage Route is something new in South Africa. Its unique, very interesting and uplifting and it opens a window into a deeper understanding of South Africa’s hidden history..

It’s an adventure into history, culture, heritage, relaxation and good food and offers a mixture of mysterious heritage sites coupled with Big 5 Resorts, exceptional lodges and guest houses, top restaurants, hot thermal springs, country kitchens and events.

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Introduction to Tours

In this modern time, you wouldn’t believe what you can do in this Highveld area, and its no secret you can discover the largest naturally formed footprint in the world, meet the secretive A’Batwa Bushmen, discover a lost civilization’s ancient ruined cities, be part of a re-enacted battle and even get to drive one of the oldest antique tractors in the world. One of the tours of Highveld Heritage, a signature tour, the Whispers of Africa, brings you face to face with the sound and sight, an Ancient African experience, the memory of which will live with you for the rest of your days.

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